eSIM: Convenience vs. Privacy – A Necessary Trade-off?

Embedded SIMs (eSIMs) are transforming the smartphone landscape, promising ease of carrier switching, more compact designs, and exciting features like dual-SIM support. However, amidst the convenience, privacy concerns linger. Understanding these concerns is essential for making informed choices about your mobile device.   The Shift from Physical Control Traditional SIM cards grant a tangible sense … Read more

Cell C Prepaid: My Review

Introduction Cell C is a leading mobile network provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of products and services for both individual consumers and businesses. Established in 2001, the company has grown to become a major player in the South African telecommunications market by providing affordable and reliable connectivity solutions.   Cell C offers … Read more

Huawei P40 Lite – Quick review – Thumbs down.

Note: This is not a full review. I was rather excited when I got my new Huawei P40 Lite. However, this excitement was short lived.   What was the issue? I was not able to independently activate the screen reader feature on the device without sighted help. Minus 10 points right away.   What then? … Read more