The Unseen Threat: Your Phone’s Baseband Operating System and Your Privacy

Introduction:   Did you know your smartphone has a hidden operating system running in the background that you cannot control or even see? It’s called the baseband operating system (BOS), and it manages communication between your phone and cellular networks. While essential for making calls and using data, the BOS poses significant privacy and security … Read more

eSIM: Convenience vs. Privacy – A Necessary Trade-off?

Embedded SIMs (eSIMs) are transforming the smartphone landscape, promising ease of carrier switching, more compact designs, and exciting features like dual-SIM support. However, amidst the convenience, privacy concerns linger. Understanding these concerns is essential for making informed choices about your mobile device.   The Shift from Physical Control Traditional SIM cards grant a tangible sense … Read more

How much data do you really need for your mobile phone?

Our love affair with cell phone data is strong. So strong, in fact, that wireless carriers are doubling down on unlimited data plans.   But before you bump up to unlimited, dig into your habits and learn what it takes to run your favourite apps. You may find you can reduce your data plan — … Read more

How to Obtain an eSIM with @MeAndYouMobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

MeAndYouMobile, a virtual network mobile operator (VMNO), is a SIM-only network mobile service provider based in South Africa. Offering voice, text, and data services without the need for contracts, MeAndYouMobile is an excellent choice for those who value flexibility.   In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of obtaining and activating … Read more


If your main concern is scanning a road or room for obstacles or items of interest, Sullivan+ is a reliable app. Its AI software works well and reasonably fast in identifying objects, describing scenes, and reading text. It is free and available on both Android and iOS.  I tested it and it works just fine. … Read more