Helium Mobile: Earning Crypto on Your Phone – My Unfiltered Test Drive

Introduction   Imagine getting paid just for using your phone like you always do. That’s the enticing concept behind Helium Mobile, a new kind of wireless carrier that leverages cryptocurrency and a community-powered network. As someone with zero crypto expertise and a love for trying new tech, I dove in to see if it could … Read more

My Guide Dog, Brooke, and I Deserve Better – A Call for Change in Ride-Hailing Services

A picture of Brooke, my guide dog.

Hello, friends and supporters. My name is Hanif Kruger, and I am the manager at the Assistive Technology Centre at the South African National Council for the Blind. I’m proud to contribute to the Africa Conference/Career Expo, focusing on Disability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.   However, today I need to share a recent experience that … Read more

Zoom – Video Conferencing – Quick Accessibility Review

Summary Zoom is an excellent choice if you are looking for outstanding accessibility to the deaf, totally blind and partially sighted with comprehensive documentation and tons of useful keyboard shortcuts with fully accessible apps for all the major operating systems and a very stable web app. As a bonus, the company continuously demonstrates their commitment … Read more