Finding Closure: Navigating Life’s Endings

Introduction In the journey of life, we often encounter events and relationships that end, leaving us with a mix of emotions and unanswered questions. The concept of closure becomes crucial in these moments. It’s about understanding and processing these endings, accepting them, and moving forward. This article delves into the importance of closure, the danger … Read more

Speak with Care: The Three Questions We Should Ask Ourselves Before Talking

In our everyday chats and talks, words are the key way we share our feelings, thoughts, and plans. The old wisdom of Sufi poet, Rūmī, gives us a timeless guide to thoughtful communication through the metaphor of three gates. Before we let our words out into the world, Rūmī advises us to let them pass … Read more

An Hour of Love

I’m thrilled to share a piece that touched my heart and gently nudged my soul into a space of reflection and warmth. “An Hour of Love” is a simple yet profoundly moving poem that unveils a tender exchange between a father and son, exploring the immeasurable value of time and presence in the eyes of … Read more