Grand Theft Cane: The Day I Almost Weaponized My Mobility Aid

So, there I was, fresh off a 16-hour flight, wandering around the dazzling expanse of Hamad International Airport in Doha. My backside was numb, my brain was mush, and my guide dog was off gallivanting at home, leaving me to rely on my trusty cane and a fancy AI app for visual descriptions. It was … Read more Where Your Travel Dreams Go to Die (Unless You’re Not Blind)

Well, folks, I’ve done it again. I’ve managed to turn the simple act of booking a flight into an epic odyssey of frustration and disappointment. This time, the villain of the story is none other than, a website that seems to be specifically designed to torment blind travelers like myself.   You see, I … Read more

The Dawn of a New Era: The Inclusion and Safety Brought by Self-Driving Cars in California

In a landmark decision that could revolutionize the transportation industry and create more inclusive mobility solutions, California regulators have given the green light to self-driving car companies Waymo and Cruise to operate their 24/7 robotaxi service in San Francisco.   For many, the sight of these autonomous vehicles has become a familiar scene in the … Read more