Taking Back Control: How to Permanently Set Your Default Browser to Brave

In today’s digital world, choice is everything. We choose the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and, most importantly, the applications we use. But have you ever felt like your computer is making those choices for you? For many users, Microsoft aggressively pushes Edge as the default browser, even after explicit changes are … Read more

Helium Mobile: Earning Crypto on Your Phone – My Unfiltered Test Drive

Introduction   Imagine getting paid just for using your phone like you always do. That’s the enticing concept behind Helium Mobile, a new kind of wireless carrier that leverages cryptocurrency and a community-powered network. As someone with zero crypto expertise and a love for trying new tech, I dove in to see if it could … Read more

Comprehensive Shortcut Key List for Microsoft Teams on Windows

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Empowering Accessibility: A Deep Dive into iOS 17’s Inclusive Features

Hello, friends! It’s that time of the year again when Apple rolls out a new iOS version, and this time, it’s iOS 17! I’m particularly excited about this update, and as someone who is 100% blind, I find it essential to explore and share the new accessibility features that Apple has introduced. So, let’s dive … Read more