The Devastating Impact of Being Falsely Accused

Being falsely accused or convicted can have a profoundly devastating impact on every aspect of your life, as evidenced by this study: Psychological impact of being wrongfully accused of criminal offences: A systematic literature review – Samantha K Brooks, Neil Greenberg, 2021   Some Impacts   Change in Self-Identity False accusations can lead to a … Read more

The Absurdity of Misplaced Gratitude: A Hypothetical Scenario

Imagine being in a severe car accident. You’re in the hospital with multiple fractures, unable to move, in excruciating pain. Instead of empathy, the people around you are telling you how you should enjoy certain aspects of your situation:   Linen Service: “You should be grateful that your linens are being changed regularly. Isn’t it … Read more

Navigating the Storm: Reflections on Love, Loss, and the Essence of Life

It’s been a few weeks since I last shared my thoughts on the situation with a certain someone, and I must admit that the path forward has not been as smooth or straightforward as I had initially hoped. The sense of peace and freedom I once felt has been tested, and I’ve come to realize … Read more

When Hunger Strikes, But Only for the Orange Powdery Stuff

Yesterday, my darling stepson decided it was time for sustenance. Now, when I say “sustenance,” I mean the holy grail of childhood cuisine: cereal or mac and cheese. Because, you know, when you’re truly famished, your options are obviously limited to these two culinary masterpieces.   Apparently, being hungry and picky are mutually exclusive. Who … Read more