“In the World of Audio Description, Pronoun Pandemonium Reigns Supreme”

Ah, the ever-evolving landscape of inclusivity: where even the realm of audio description finds itself in a tangle so chaotic, it could well be the setting of a suspense thriller. Sadly, for our protagonist – someone genuinely reliant on these services – it seems more like a horror story. Let’s begin with a brief explanation … Read more

In the Crosshairs of Disrespect: Analysing Parental Responsibility and the Impact of Mature Video Games on Child Behaviour

Introduction   The growing issue of disrespect and disregard among children towards peers, adults, and the wider public is becoming increasingly concerning. It’s not just a phase or typical adolescent rebellion we’re observing, but a deep-seated problem of lack of respect. This problem manifests in various forms, such as disrespectful interactions in classrooms and playgrounds, … Read more

The Bewildering Chronicles of Jennifer’s Boundary Breaches

In this perplexing tale of twisted friendships, let us transport ourselves to a world where characters have weird expectations and disrespecting other people’s boundaries reigns supreme. Our story begins with the meeting of our protagonist, Blake, and their fiancé in late 2019 (fast forward to the present, it’s now 2023). Little did Blake know that … Read more

A Wish and the Radiant Reckoning”

[Author’s Note: The following text contains strong language and dark humour. It is intended purely for fictional purposes and does not reflect any real-life intentions or beliefs. Or does it?]   Dear Owner(s) or Enablers of the calls originating from +27217538864, and all other spam numbers,   Allow me to express my deepest desires for … Read more