“Why I, as a Totally Blind Person, Reject South African Streaming Services like DSTV and Showmax”

As a person who is completely blind, I understand the importance of having accessible entertainment options. Streaming services like DSTV and Showmax, which are popular in South Africa, unfortunately do not provide meaningful audio description or the ability to independently access audio-described narrations. This is a major barrier for people with visual disabilities and makes … Read more

Feeling Invisible, Ignored, Unimportant and Disrespected: Coping Strategies and Finding Empowerment

It’s a common and all-too-familiar feeling: the sense that you’re being ignored, that your thoughts and feelings don’t matter, that you’re invisible to others. It can be a devastating experience, leaving you feeling worthless, unimportant, and disrespected. But it’s not a hopeless situation. There are steps you can take to regain your sense of self-worth, … Read more