Tidal Wave by Owl City

Introduction “Tidal Wave” is a song about dealing with depression. It starts out with the narrator reflecting on his feelings of guilt and hopelessness, but the tone shifts in the final verse, and the song ends on a hopeful note. Further Interpretation As happy and peppy as this song sounds, I always found a bit … Read more

Embers by Owl City

Introduction This song is track 8 on The midsummer Station album from 2012. This song, in my view, is about fighting depression and the need to have others in your life to make it through rough times. The first verse is exactly how depression feels, not wanting to have to fight through another moment of … Read more

Silhouette by Owl City

Silhouette Introduction This is a beautiful, sentimental, introspective, and bittersweet song, written and produced by Adam young and appears on the Owl City album The Midsummer Station (2012). It’s about someone who feels anxious, heartbroken, alone, and struggles with regret, but is encouraged that life will not always be that way. Produced and written by … Read more