Speak with Care: The Three Questions We Should Ask Ourselves Before Talking

In our everyday chats and talks, words are the key way we share our feelings, thoughts, and plans. The old wisdom of Sufi poet, Rūmī, gives us a timeless guide to thoughtful communication through the metaphor of three gates. Before we let our words out into the world, Rūmī advises us to let them pass … Read more

Symphony of Selflessness

In nature’s boundless realm, nothing dwells for itself alone, Rivers, in generosity, to the oceans their waters have flown. Not a sip do they savor, nor a drop do they claim, In selfless surrender, they flow without aim. Trees, the silent givers, bear fruit not for their feast, To others, they offer, both the greatest … Read more

Harmony of Hearts: Wisdom for Every Shade of Love

To My Friends Who Are… SINGLE Love, akin to a butterfly, eludes when pursued. Yet, when left to roam freely, it graces you unexpectedly. Love can bring joy, but it can also sting. It becomes truly special when bestowed upon someone truly deserving. So, be patient and discerning in your choice. To My Friends Who … Read more

“Beyond the Surface: Championing the Unseen and the Underappreciated”

In a world where many naturally gravitate towards what’s visually appealing, it’s all too easy to overlook the less ‘perfect,’ the less glamorous, the marginalized, and those deemed different. It seems we often wait until personal circumstances force us to see the beauty in what we previously ignored or disdained — be it due to … Read more