Gen Z Through the Lens of Dr. Phil: A Deep Dive into a Generation’s Psyche

Disclaimer Warning: The following article is not suitable for the faint of heart, the overly sensitive, or those who find themselves easily offended. If you find yourself identifying with any of the following categories, please proceed with extreme caution:   Individuals who feel like a victim at the slightest hint of criticism. Those suffering from … Read more

In the Crosshairs of Disrespect: Analysing Parental Responsibility and the Impact of Mature Video Games on Child Behaviour

Introduction   The growing issue of disrespect and disregard among children towards peers, adults, and the wider public is becoming increasingly concerning. It’s not just a phase or typical adolescent rebellion we’re observing, but a deep-seated problem of lack of respect. This problem manifests in various forms, such as disrespectful interactions in classrooms and playgrounds, … Read more

COVID-19: How do blind people get infected, Challenges experienced by the visually impaired and mobilization for vaccinations and vaccination certificates

Introduction   Nearly 261.5 million people around the world had been diagnosed with COVID-19 as of yesterday and nearly 5.2 million people have died. On Nov. 28, there were 422,051 new cases and 4,447 new deaths confirmed globally. (1)   The Coronavirus, an often spoken word but, potentially meaningless to those who are living in … Read more