Ahsoka’s Arrival: The Star Wars Saga You’ve Been Waiting For!

Summary: Star Wars enthusiasts, brace yourselves! ???? The universe is expanding with “Ahsoka,” premiering on Disney Plus on August 22. With Rosario Dawson leading as Ahsoka Tano and Hayden Christensen making a nostalgic return as Anakin Skywalker, this series promises to be a thrilling ride.   Dive into the Galaxy: Ahsoka Tano: A Togrutan Jedi … Read more

“In the World of Audio Description, Pronoun Pandemonium Reigns Supreme”

Ah, the ever-evolving landscape of inclusivity: where even the realm of audio description finds itself in a tangle so chaotic, it could well be the setting of a suspense thriller. Sadly, for our protagonist – someone genuinely reliant on these services – it seems more like a horror story. Let’s begin with a brief explanation … Read more

“Why I, as a Totally Blind Person, Reject South African Streaming Services like DSTV and Showmax”

As a person who is completely blind, I understand the importance of having accessible entertainment options. Streaming services like DSTV and Showmax, which are popular in South Africa, unfortunately do not provide meaningful audio description or the ability to independently access audio-described narrations. This is a major barrier for people with visual disabilities and makes … Read more

BritBox – Quick Accessibility overview from a blindness perspective

What is BritBox? BritBox is an online digital video subscription service, operating as a joint venture of the BBC and ITV plc, serving the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. It is focused on British television series and films, mainly featuring current and past series and films supplied from the main UK … Read more