Mirror, Mirror: The Unfiltered Truth About Being Self-Centered

Hey there! Let’s dive into a story about a friend who’s like a walking, talking soap opera. Always the star of her own drama, she’s the queen of interrupting, the master of making everything about her, and has a black belt in the blame game. From her mom to her counsellor, to her ex-bestie – everyone’s on her hit list. And if you dare to call her out? Boom! You’re blocked.


So, let’s break down her mental playlist of greatest hits:


  1. Filtering the World: She’s like a DJ, spinning only the tracks she dislikes. Say something she’s not into, and that’s all she hears.
  2. All-or-Nothing Attitude: She’s either a rock star or a total flop. No middle ground.
  3. Making Mountains Out of Molehills: One rough breakup and suddenly, she’s the worst at relationships.
  4. Conclusion Jumping: Someone’s grumpy? Obviously, they hate her. Poor thing!
  5. Doomsday Predicting: She’s convinced the worst is always bound to happen.
  6. Personalizing Everything: If it rains, she thinks she must’ve done a rain dance.
  7. Control Illusions: She either thinks she’s the puppet master or completely powerless.
  8. Fairness Obsession: Life’s not fair, and boy, does that grind her gears.
  9. Blaming Bonanza: It’s never her fault. It’s always someone else’s.
  10. Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda World: She’s got a whole list of shoulds, and when they don’t happen, watch out for the guilt trips or grudges.
  11. Emotion = Reality: If she’s mad, then you must’ve done wrong. But feelings aren’t facts.
  12. Labelling Everyone: One mistake and you’re either cool or cancelled.
  13. Righteousness Overdrive: She’d rather be right than happy.
  14. And So Much More: From thinking she’s superhuman to assuming her feelings are forever, the list goes on.


When someone tries to point out these things, she thinks blocking them out will fix everything. But in reality, she’s just digging a deeper hole of loneliness.


Now, if this sounds familiar, either in yourself or someone you know, here’s some friendly advice:


  1. Pause and Reflect: Take a moment before reacting. Is this really about you? Or could there be something else going on?
  2. Embrace the Grays: Life isn’t just black or white. Explore the shades in between.
  3. Fact-Check Your Feelings: Just because you feel it, doesn’t make it true.
  4. Let Go of the Blame Game: Take responsibility for your feelings and actions.
  5. Seek Balance: It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. It’s part of being human.
  6. Listen More: Not every conversation needs to be about you. Let others shine too.


Remember, if you don’t start changing these habits, you might find your friends’ list shrinking faster than ice cream melts on a hot day. Everyone needs a little self-love, but don’t forget to share the stage. It’s not just about you; it’s about being part of a community where everyone matters.

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