The following is adapted from a text file that originated in the early days of the internet. I have refined and tailored it for my personal diary. To the best of my recollection, it dates back to around 1991 and I acquired it from a BBS. Enjoy.


  1. Congrats! You’ve got a body. It might not be a superhero suit, but it’s yours for the whole rollercoaster ride. So, love it, hate it, or decorate it with tattoos, it’s your personal meat suit!
  2. Ready for school? Too bad, you’re enrolled! Welcome to Life 101, where every day is a pop quiz. Some lessons are cool, others might make you wonder if the universe is having a laugh.
  3. Oops, did you mess up? High five! There are no mistakes, just unique ways of not doing things right. Every flop is a step closer to that sweet victory dance.
  4. Didn’t get it the first time? No worries. Life’s got a relentless teaching style. It’ll keep throwing the same lesson at you in different costumes. Once you get it, you move on to the next head-scratcher.
  5. Guess what? The learning never stops. It’s like a Netflix series with endless seasons. Every episode has something new to mess with your head.
  6. Dreaming of greener grass somewhere else? When you get “there”, guess what? It’s just another “here” with a new set of weeds.
  7. Ever meet someone and think, “It’s me in another life”? Well, folks mirror bits of you, the good, the bad, and the weird. So, next time someone annoys you, remember, it might just be you in disguise!
  8. Your life, your canvas. You’ve got the crayons, the paintbrushes, and the glitter glue. What you craft is totally up to you. Picasso or stick figures, the gallery is yours.
  9. Got questions? The answers are having a party inside you. Take a moment, dive in, and you might just catch them doing the conga.
  10. You might forget all this, but hey, that’s what bookmarks are for!

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