An Hour of Love

I’m thrilled to share a piece that touched my heart and gently nudged my soul into a space of reflection and warmth. “An Hour of Love” is a simple yet profoundly moving poem that unveils a tender exchange between a father and son, exploring the immeasurable value of time and presence in the eyes of those we hold dear. ????‍????????

In our bustling lives, where moments fleet away unnoticed, this poem is a gentle whisper, reminding us that sometimes, the most cherished gift we can offer to our loved ones is our time. ????⏳

May this poem stir something within you, as it did for me, and perhaps, invite you to pause, embrace, and celebrate the beautiful, fleeting moments spent with those who nestle within your heart. ????????‍????‍????‍????

Happy reading and much love to all! ????❤️????


An Hour of Love

In a quiet evening, a little boy asked,
“Daddy, what’s the cost of your working task?”

His eyes full of wonder, so bright and mild,
He greeted his dad, this curious child.

Tired but looking, the father said with a stare,
“Son, even Mom doesn’t know, it’s something I don’t share.
I’m tired, let’s talk another day, I need a break.”
But the boy kept asking, for his own sake.

“Daddy, please tell me, what’s your hourly rate?”
Giving in, the dad said “Twenty dollars, mate.”

“Can I borrow ten, Daddy?” asked the little guy,
The father, a bit upset, let out a heavy sigh.

“So, you asked my earnings to borrow some cash?
Go to bed, no more questions, in a flash!”

In the dark, the father thought, feeling a bit mean,
Maybe his son wanted to buy something he’d seen.
To make things right, to his son’s room, he slid,
“Are you sleeping?” he asked, as the boy his excitement hid.

“No, Daddy,” the boy whispered, his voice a soft light,
“Here’s the money you wanted,” said the dad in the night.

“Thanks, Daddy!” said the boy, pulling money from a stash,
“Now I have twenty dollars!” with joy, his eyes flash.

Confused, the father watched, as his son began to chime,
“Daddy, can I buy an hour of your time?”

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