Symphony of Selflessness

In nature’s boundless realm, nothing dwells for itself alone,
Rivers, in generosity, to the oceans their waters have flown.
Not a sip do they savor, nor a drop do they claim,
In selfless surrender, they flow without aim.

Trees, the silent givers, bear fruit not for their feast,
To others, they offer, both the greatest and the least.
With open arms, they share their bountiful yield,
In the dance of giving, their spirits are unsealed.

The sun, a golden orb, in the canvas of the sky,
Doesn’t bask in its warmth, nor in its light lie.
For others, it radiates, a beacon of hope and might,
Illuminating darkness, turning night into light.

Flowers, the fragrant beauties, in gardens and in fields,
Don’t revel in their scent, but to the world it yields.
In colorful array, their aroma they bestow,
A symphony of selflessness, in every petal they show.

Living for others, nature whispers this truth so divine,
In the rustling leaves, in the river’s gentle incline.
The secret of living, in selfless love is concealed,
In the giving heart, the essence of life is revealed.

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