???????? 8 Years of #Uber-ing and Here’s What I’ve Achieved ????????

Hey fam! ???? So, I just did the math (painfully) on my Uber adventures since 2015. Let’s have a laugh, shall we? ????


???? Rides Taken: 715. Basically, I’ve hailed an Uber every 4.03 days. Like clockwork. ????

???? Money Spent: A whopping $49,854.05! That’s R952,660.97 with today’s exchange rate. I could’ve bought a small island… or a lion ????.

???? Average Price: $80.54. The cost of my dignity when I forget where I wanted to go.

???? Max Price: $777.00. I mean, I’m flattered they see me as a jackpot. ????

???? Min Price: A humble $6.91. I think I spent more on KFC that day.

???? Total Time: 201 hours or 8.36 days. I’ve literally spent over a week of my life in Ubers. Who needs vacations?

And speaking of choice… I’ve often felt like a lone antelope surrounded by lions that corner me and say, “Hey! You have a choice!”… and then present me with only one option. Option 1 or, let me think… Option 1? ????

For the pie chart lovers:


  • UberX: The real MVP with 675 rides.
  • UberBlack & Comfort: 14 times I felt fancy.
  • The Rest: 28 times I was just feeling experimental.

Here’s the ironic twist: Uber doesn’t seem to care much about clients with disabilities. ???? Yet, they have no qualms taking the same amount from my bank account. Irony, thy name is Uber!

In conclusion, do I regret it? Of course not! Would I do it again? Maybe… if they threw in a free lion or island. ???????? Until then, cheers to more rides and questionable financial decisions! ????????????

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