NextCellular: Affordable Prepaid Mobile Plans with Unlimited Options and Reliable Coverage in South Africa

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Hey there! Today, I want to introduce you to a lesser-known prepaid mobile provider in South Africa called NextCellular. If you’re on the lookout for a new mobile plan, it’s always a good idea to explore different options and find one that suits your needs best. Remember, your needs can change over time, so don’t hesitate to switch providers if you’re not satisfied with your current one. Now, let’s dive into what NextCellular has to offer!



NextCellular is a division of Next 360 (Pty) Ltd, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a regional office in India. Since its establishment in 2017, NextCellular has gained a strong reputation as a leading global telecom brand, with a network presence in 31 countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. Their aim is to make communication simple and convenient for global travelers.


NextCellular offers a range of package options tailored to suit different needs. Whether you’re going on a short trip, studying abroad, or simply need a reliable local mobile service, they’ve got you covered. One great advantage is that you can activate a NextCellular SIM card and enjoy local rates, unlimited talk, text, and data with a local number. Plus, you won’t have to worry about those sky-high international roaming charges!


Package Options:

Let’s take a closer look at some of NextCellular’s package options:


Voice Packages:

  • 80 Minutes Any Network | 1 Month for R40: This package includes 80 national voice minutes to all networks.
  • 100 Minutes Any Network | 1 Month for R50: Enjoy 100 national voice minutes to all networks.
  • 150 Minutes Any Network | 1 Month for R80: Get 150 national voice minutes to all networks.
  • 350 Minutes Any Network | 1 Month for R180: This package offers 350 national voice minutes to all networks.


They also have packages with higher minute allocations like 550, 1000, and 2000 minutes, so you can choose the one that suits your calling needs.


Data Packages:

When it comes to data, NextCellular offers a variety of options:


  • 500MB Data | 1 Month for R39
  • 1GB Data | 1 Month for R65
  • 5GB Data | 1 Month for R85
  • 2GB Data | 1 Month for R99
  • 3GB Data | 1 Month for R129
  • 5GB Data | 1 Month for R149
  • 10GB Data | 1 Month for R199
  • 15GB Data | 1 Month for R229
  • 20GB Data | 1 Month for R279
  • 25GB Data | 1 Month for R299
  • 30GB Data | 1 Month for R319
  • 50GB Data | 1 Month for R529


These packages provide high-speed 5G/4G data to be used in South Africa. Please note that these packages have a hard cap, meaning the data will not work after reaching the limit.


SMS Packages:

NextCellular also provides various options for SMS (texting) packages to cater to your messaging needs. You can choose from packages such as 15 SMSs for R5.00, 50 SMSs for R15.00, 75 SMSs for R25.00, 110 SMSs for R30.00, and 200 SMSs for R50.00. These packages allow you to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues through text messages. Whether you need a smaller bundle for occasional messaging or a larger package for more frequent communication, NextCellular offers flexibility to suit your preferences.


Combo Packages:

If you’re looking for a combination of voice minutes and data, NextCellular has you covered with their combo packages:


These packages offer national voice minutes to all networks along with high-speed 5G/4G data. Like the data-only packages, these combos have a hard cap on data usage.


  • 500MB Data & 40 Minutes Combo: For just R49.00, you get 40 minutes to call anyone in South Africa and 500MB of High Speed 5G/4G data. Stay connected and manage your communication needs efficiently.
  • 1GB Data & 60 Minutes Combo: Enjoy 60 minutes of talk time and 1GB of data for only R99.00. This combo package allows you to make calls to any network in South Africa and browse the internet with fast data speeds.
  • 2GB Data & 100 Minutes Combo: Stay connected for longer with 100 minutes of national voice calls and 2GB of High Speed 5G/4G data. This combo package is priced at R129.00, giving you more value for your money.
  • 3GB Data & 100 Minutes Combo: Get 3GB of data and 100 minutes of talk time with this combo package for R179.00. Stay connected, stream your favourite content, and talk to your loved ones without worrying about running out of minutes or data.
  • 5GB Data & 100 Minutes Combo: Priced at R249.00, this combo package offers 5GB of High Speed 5G/4G data and 100 minutes of voice calls. It’s perfect for those who need a good balance of data and talk time.
  • 5GB Data & 350 Minutes Combo: For R339.00, you get a generous 350 minutes to call anyone in South Africa and 5GB of data. Stay connected, make important calls, and enjoy high-speed internet access wherever you go.


These combo packages provide a convenient way to manage your communication needs with a combination of voice minutes and data, ensuring you stay connected and have a seamless experience with NextCellular.


Unlimited Packages:

NextCellular offers a range of unlimited packages to cater to the communication needs of users in South Africa. These unlimited packages provide the convenience of unlimited talk time to any network within the country. It’s important to note that there may be a fair use policy in place, which could potentially limit the number of minutes to ensure fair usage for all customers. While the specific fair use policy may vary, it’s reasonable to estimate a fair use limit of around 2000 minutes per month. This allows users to enjoy extensive calling capabilities without worrying about exceeding their allotted minutes. With NextCellular’s unlimited packages, customers can stay connected and make as many calls as they need without any concerns about overage charges or limitations on their communication.


Here’s a summary of the various unlimited calls packages offered by NextCellular, along with a typical usage scenario for each package:


  • 1GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R349,00

This package is suitable for moderate data users who also make frequent calls. With 1GB of high-speed 5G/4G data, you can browse the internet, stream music, and use social media apps while enjoying unlimited calls to any network within South Africa.


  • 3GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R399,00

If you require more data for your online activities, such as video streaming and downloading files, along with unlimited calls, the 3GB data package is a great choice. It allows for a higher volume of data usage while enjoying uninterrupted calling.

  • 5GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R449,00

This package is ideal for users who consume a significant amount of data on a daily basis. With 5GB of high-speed 5G/4G data, you can comfortably stream videos, use navigation apps, and engage in online gaming, all while enjoying unlimited calls.

  • 10GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R499,00

The 10GB data package is perfect for heavy data users who stream high-definition content, work with large files, or utilize data-intensive applications. Alongside unlimited calls, you’ll have ample data to support your browsing and communication needs.

  • 15GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R529,00

If you frequently engage in video conferencing, online collaboration, or enjoy multimedia streaming, the 15GB data package is designed to meet your demands. You can rely on a substantial data allowance while enjoying uninterrupted calls.

  • 20GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R579,00

This package is well-suited for users who heavily rely on their mobile devices for both work and entertainment purposes. With 20GB of high-speed 5G/4G data, you can comfortably browse, stream, and connect with others through unlimited calls.

  • 25GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R599,00

The 25GB data package caters to users with extensive data needs, such as those who frequently download large files, participate in online gaming, or stream high-quality videos. Coupled with unlimited calls, it ensures a seamless online experience.

  • 50GB Data and Unlimited Calls | 1 Month – R819,00

For power users who demand the utmost in data capacity, the 50GB data package offers an extensive allowance for data-intensive activities. Whether you’re a content creator, frequent traveler, or require a reliable connection for multiple devices, this package provides ample data alongside unlimited calls.


These unlimited calls packages from NextCellular are designed to meet a range of data and calling needs. Assess your typical data usage and communication requirements to select the package that best aligns with your preferences and budget.


Contacting NextCellular:


To get in touch with NextCellular and learn more about their prepaid mobile services, you can reach out to them through various channels. For general inquiries or assistance, you can contact NextCellular via phone at +27 11 803 0161 or send an email to If you prefer to communicate through their website, you can visit their contact page at and fill out the provided contact form with your query or request. NextCellular values customer satisfaction and strives to provide prompt and helpful support to address any concerns or questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to them and explore the diverse options they offer for local voice, data, SMS, and combo packages, tailored to your prepaid mobile needs in South Africa.



One key takeaway from this is that it’s crucial to shop around and compare different providers to find the best fit for you. As your needs evolve, don’t be afraid to switch to another provider that better meets your requirements.


It’s worth noting that NextCellular utilizes the infrastructure of Cell C, a major mobile network operator in South Africa. This means that network coverage is provided by MTN and Vodacom, as Cell C has roaming agreements with both of these networks. This ensures that you have access to reliable coverage across the country, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go.


With NextCellular’s partnership with Cell C, you can enjoy reliable coverage and a range of prepaid mobile options to suit your communication needs.


So, there you have it! NextCellular is here to provide flexible prepaid mobile options to cater to your communication needs. Keep in mind that finding the right package is essential, and it’s perfectly fine to make changes along the way. Happy exploring, and may you find the perfect mobile plan that suits your lifestyle!

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