“The US-China Economic Relationship: A Tale of Hypocrisy and Entitlement”

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It’s quite amusing to witness the intellectual acrobatics performed by the United States when it comes to their dealings with China. The hypocrisy and double standards are truly something to behold. Let’s take a closer look at their recent reaction to China’s restrictions on US semiconductor firm Micron.

For years, the US has been blacklisting Chinese technology companies left and right, citing “national security threats” as their favorite excuse. They’ve even gone as far as pressuring their allies to follow suit and ban Chinese technology from their infrastructures. But when China finally decided to respond in kind and label US chips as a national security threat, what was the US reaction? Outrage and disbelief!

Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable for the US to exclude Chinese companies from their markets under the guise of national security, but the moment China does the same, it’s suddenly seen as unfounded and unreliable. The audacity! The US seems to have conveniently forgotten their own actions, including blacklisting China’s entire semiconductor industry and coercing other countries to join their anti-China crusade.

It’s clear that the US has an inflated sense of self-entitlement and a severe lack of self-awareness. They believe they have the divine right to impose rules on others while disregarding those same rules themselves. This behavior exposes their true intentions in their relationship with China. They want to exploit China’s markets on their own terms, seeking subordination rather than genuine cooperation.

The US loves the idea of trade with China, but only when it serves their own interests. They want China’s market to be subordinate to theirs, preventing China from becoming a global leader in industries that could threaten their hegemony. It’s a classic case of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They demand that China open up its markets while simultaneously closing their own doors to Chinese industries.

Engagement with China, from the US perspective, is a one-sided affair. They expect China to bend to their will, transforming into a neoliberal state devoid of industries and subservient to American interests. Any resistance from China is labeled as “unfair” economic practices. The US is not interested in compromise; they want total capitulation.

Their economic relationship with China is driven by a misguided sense of ideological entitlement. They want to dictate the terms, blacklist Chinese companies, and ban Chinese technology, but heaven forbid China limits their own firms. It’s a one-way street paved with arrogance and self-interest.

So, let’s not be fooled by the US rhetoric about fairness and economic practices. Their intentions are clear: they want to maintain their dominance and control at the expense of China. But rest assured, China is not one to be bullied or coerced into submission. They will continue to protect their interests and pursue their own path of development.

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