Melon Mobile vs. MTN Prepaid: A Comprehensive Comparison for South African Consumers


South African mobile users now have a new choice when it comes to prepaid services, with the upcoming launch of Melon Mobile on April 13th. As a virtual mobile network operator (MVNO) roaming on MTN’s network, Melon Mobile promises reliable connectivity and competitive pricing. In this blog post, we will compare Melon Mobile and MTN prepaid options, focusing on their data, voice, and text offerings to help you decide which provider is the best fit for your needs.


Data Packages:

Both MTN and Melon Mobile provide a variety of data packages designed to suit different user requirements. Here’s a quick comparison of the cost per GB for both operators:


Melon Mobile’s most affordable option is 100 GB for R950 (R9.50 per GB), while MTN’s best value is 50 GB for R799 (R15.98 per GB).

For smaller data packages, Melon Mobile offers 0.5 GB for R45 (R90 per GB), whereas MTN’s equivalent is 500 MB for R69 (R138 per GB).

It’s worth noting that MTN’s packages include app-specific allocations for Youtube and Showmax, as well as night data, which could provide added value for some users.


Voice Packages:

When it comes to voice packages, both providers offer a range of options:


Melon Mobile’s most affordable per-minute rate is R0.43 for 1,000 minutes at R430, while MTN’s lowest rate is R0.28 for 900 All-Net minutes at R250.

For smaller voice packages, Melon Mobile offers 50 minutes at R35 (R0.70 per minute), while MTN’s closest equivalent is 100 All-Net minutes at R50 (R0.50 per minute).


Text Packages:

For text messaging, both operators have multiple choices:


Melon Mobile’s best value is 2,000 texts for R400 (R0.20 per text), while MTN’s equivalent is 2,000 texts for R420 (R0.21 per text).

For smaller text packages, Melon Mobile offers 50 texts for R15 (R0.30 per text), and MTN’s closest option is 100 texts for R30 (R0.30 per text).

Package Examples:

To provide a clearer comparison, let’s examine three different user profiles and the best packages from each provider:


Casual User:

  • Melon Mobile: 0.5 GB data, 50 minutes, and 50 texts for a total of R100.
  • MTN: 500 MB data, 100 All-Net minutes, and 100 texts for a total of R149.

Moderate User:

  • Melon Mobile: 5 GB data, 100 minutes, and 150 texts for a total of R280.
  • MTN: 6 GB data (includes 3 GB Youtube, 1.5 GB Showmax, 6 GB night data), 100 All-Net minutes, and 200 texts for a total of R429.

Heavy User:

  • Melon Mobile: 20 GB data, 1,000 minutes, and 150 texts for a total of R960.
  • MTN: 20 GB data (includes 10 GB Youtube, 5 GB Showmax, 20 GB night data), 900 All-Net minutes, and 200 texts for a total of R899.


Melon Mobile appears to offer more competitive pricing for data, voice, and text services, particularly for higher data and voice allowances. However, MTN’s packages include app-specific data allocations and night data, which might be attractive to some users. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and usage patterns.


For casual users who need minimal data, voice, and text allowances, Melon Mobile offers a more cost-effective option. However, for moderate and heavy users who value the additional app-specific data and night data that MTN provides, MTN’s packages could be more suitable.


In summary, both Melon Mobile and MTN prepaid have their unique strengths and weaknesses. While Melon Mobile’s straightforward and lower-cost packages are appealing, MTN’s app-specific and night data allocations may sway users who find value in these extras. As Melon Mobile is set to launch on April 13th, South African consumers now have more options to choose from when deciding on the best mobile service provider to meet their needs. It’s essential to consider your data, voice, and text usage patterns and weigh the pros and cons of each provider before making a decision.

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