A Comprehensive Breakdown and Comparison of Mobile Providers: MeAndYouMobile, Air Mobile, and Melon Mobile



Choosing the right mobile provider can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. In this article, we will break down and compare the offerings of three Virtual mobile network providers: MeAndYouMobile, Air Mobile, and Melon Mobile. We will analyze their data, minutes, and text plans from the lowest to the highest, helping you make an informed decision about which provider best suits your needs. Note that none of the mobile service providers carry over any data, texts, or minutes – all plans are purely month-to-month.


Data Plans




  • 50 MB for R10
  • 100 MB for R15
  • 300 MB for R49
  • 500 MB for R69
  • 1 GB for R99
  • 2 GB for R199
  • 5 GB for R399
  • 10 GB for R599
  • 20 GB for R999


Air Mobile:


  • 100 MB for R10
  • 250 MB for R20
  • 500 MB for R25
  • 1 GB for R30
  • 2 GB for R60
  • 3 GB for R90
  • 5 GB for R100
  • 7 GB for R130
  • 10 GB for R150
  • 15 GB for R220
  • 20 GB for R250
  • 30 GB for R350
  • 40 GB for R450
  • 50 GB for R500
  • 100 GB for R1,000


Melon Mobile:


  • 500 MB for R45
  • 2 GB for R115
  • 3 GB for R160
  • 5 GB for R230
  • 10 GB for R340
  • 15 GB for R425
  • 20 GB for R500
  • 30 GB for R650
  • 50 GB for R750
  • 100 GB for R950


Air Mobile offers the most competitive data pricing, with their 100 GB plan being the lowest at R10 per GB. Melon Mobile’s 100 GB plan follows closely, at R9.50 per GB. MeAndYouMobile’s data plans are generally more expensive than the other two providers, with their lowest per-GB rate being R49.95 for the 20 GB plan.


Minutes Plans




  • 50 MIN for R39
  • 100 MIN for R69
  • 200 MIN for R129
  • 300 MIN for R179
  • 500 MIN for R299
  • 1,000 MIN for R499

Air Mobile:


  • 99 per minute

Melon Mobile:


  • 50 Minutes for R35
  • 100 Minutes for R60
  • 150 Minutes for R85
  • 200 Minutes for R110
  • 300 Minutes for R160
  • 400 Minutes for R200
  • 500 Minutes for R240
  • 600 Minutes for R280
  • 800 Minutes for R370
  • 1,000 Minutes for R430


MeAndYouMobile’s 1,000-minute plan offers the lowest per-minute cost at R0.499. However, Melon Mobile provides competitive pricing for minutes, with their highest plan (1,000 minutes) priced at R0.43 per minute. Air Mobile charges a flat rate of R0.99 per minute, which may not be the most cost-effective option for heavy talkers.


Text (SMS) Plans




  • 50 SMS for R10
  • 100 SMS for R19
  • 150 SMS for R35
  • 250 SMS for R55
  • 350 SMS for R65
  • 500 SMS for R100

Melon Mobile:


  • 50 Texts for R15
  • 150 Texts for R30
  • 300 Texts for R60
  • 500 Texts for R100
  • 2000 Texts for R400


Air Mobile does not offer specific text plans.


MeAndYouMobile and Melon Mobile have similar pricing for their text plans, both offering a 500 SMS package for R100. However, Melon Mobile’s highest plan, with 2000 texts for R400, is more cost-effective for heavy texters, with a cost of R0.20 per text.




When comparing these three virtual network mobile service providers, it is evident that the best choice depends on your individual needs and usage patterns. For data, Air Mobile provides the most cost-effective plans, closely followed by Melon Mobile. MeAndYouMobile has the lowest per-minute cost for calls, but Melon Mobile’s minutes plans are competitively priced as well. For texts, both MeAndYouMobile and Melon Mobile offer similar pricing, with Melon Mobile’s highest text plan providing the best value for heavy texters.


It is important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a mobile provider. With the information provided in this article, you can make a more informed decision about which provider best suits your requirements. Remember that all these Mobile plans are purely month-to-month, with no carryover of data, texts, or minutes.

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