How to Obtain an eSIM with @MeAndYouMobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

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MeAndYouMobile, a virtual network mobile operator (VMNO), is a SIM-only network mobile service provider based in South Africa. Offering voice, text, and data services without the need for contracts, MeAndYouMobile is an excellent choice for those who value flexibility.


In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of obtaining and activating an eSIM from MeAndYouMobile using just their website, eliminating the need to interact with customer service representatives.




  • An eSIM-compatible phone
  • Internet access
  • A digital copy of your proof of residence
  • Digital copies of your South African identification document or passport (for non-South Africans)
  • A few minutes of your time


Step by step instructions

Just follow the below steps and you should be well on your way using your new eSim in no time.


Step 1: Account Setup


If you don’t have an account yet, create one by visiting If you already have an account, log in at


Step 2: Choose Your eSIM Plan


After logging in, go to and look for the heading that says: eSIM ONLY 25 mins Every Month For only R1


You will find two tabs:


  • ESIM


Ensure the eSIM tab is selected.


Step 3: Select Your eSIM Device


Choose the eSIM-compatible device you will be using. In our example, we will select the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

Check the box that says: “I confirm the device selected is where the eSIM will be installed and activated.”

Click “Continue.”


Step 4: Customize Your Plan


Add data, minutes, or SMS to your plan as desired. If you have a promo code, enter it here and click “Continue.”


Step 5: Confirm Your Personal Information


Under the “Tell us about you” heading, ensure your email address, contact number, first name, and last name are correct and complete.


Click “Add to Cart.”


Step 6: Review and Proceed to Checkout


Confirm your order and add or remove any other items as needed. Click the “CHECKOUT” button.


Step 7: RICA Your SIM


On the RICA Your SIM page, complete the required fields, including your residential address, proof of residence, and South African ID (or passport for non-South Africans). Click “Continue.”


Step 8: Enter eSIM Delivery Email Address


Input the email address where your eSIM should be delivered and click “Continue.”


Step 9: Confirm Order and Accept Terms and Conditions


Review your order, accept the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box, and click “PAY NOW.”


Step 10: Complete Payment


You will be directed to a PayGate page where you can enter your card details and make the payment. Please note that only South African cardholders can make payment here.


Step 11: Complete 3D Secure Verification


Enter your One Time Pin (OTP) on the 3D Secure page.


Step 12: Receive Confirmation Emails


You will receive a series of confirmation emails:


  1. From PayGate, confirming your payment
  2. From MeAndYouMobile, acknowledging your order
  3. Most importantly, an email containing your QR code and manual codes to activate your eSIM


Step 13: Activate Your eSIM


Scan the QR code or enter it manually using the device where you wish to install the eSIM. Follow the device-specific instructions provided in the email to complete the setup.


Step 14: Obtain Your New Number (if needed)


In some cases, you might not receive an SMS with your new number. If this happens, try the following:


  1. Attempt to call another number from the phone with the newly installed eSIM
  2. If unsuccessful, restart your device and try again
  3. Visit the MeAndYouMobile website, log in, and find your eSIM number under your profile.


Additional Tips:


  • On the MeAndYouMobile website, you can manage your SIM, view the eSIM number, check remaining minutes, access the eSIM QR code, change your package, toggle international roaming, activate itemized billing, port your number, and manage your credit limit.
  • You can rename your eSIM by tapping on the mobile plan label and entering a custom name.
  • You can choose your preferred SIM for mobile data or turn it off if you do not wish to use any mobile data.
  • Select the default voice line.
  • Keep in mind that you can have up to 10 eSIMs installed at any given time, but only two SIMs can be active simultaneously. If desired, you can use eSIMs exclusively and forgo physical SIM cards.


We hope you find this guide helpful in obtaining and activating your eSIM with MeAndYouMobile. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of eSIM technology, and happy connecting!

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