Human Rights day, 21 March, South Africa

Hey there, friends! Today, we’re talking about Human Rights Day, which has a special significance for us who are living in South Africa. But first, let’s talk about human rights.????


Human rights are the basic rights we all have just because we’re human. In 1948, the United Nations established 30 human rights articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, based on values like freedom, justice, and peace.????️


In South Africa, we have our own Bill of Rights (part of the 1996 Constitution), which makes sure our human rights are protected. This Bill is a foundation for our democracy and reflects our history of overcoming oppression and discrimination.✊????


Now, let’s dive into Human Rights Day, celebrated on March 21st. This day commemorates the tragic 1960 Sharpeville events when police fired on a crowd protesting Pass laws, killing 69 and wounding 180. Today, we honor the sacrifices made for our rights.????????


During the apartheid era, the Nationalist Party passed laws controlling Black people’s movement. Women fought against these racist Pass laws in the famous 1956 march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. In 1960, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) organized an anti-Pass protest in Sharpeville, which led to the horrific massacre.????


In our modern era, Human Rights Day became an official public holiday after Nelson Mandela’s election. On this day, we reflect on our rights and strive to protect everyone’s rights, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.????


Our Bill of Rights ensures we all have the right to life, equality, and dignity. It also covers a range of other rights, like privacy, freedom of movement, education, and religion. We must stay vigilant and report any abuse or cruelty.????


We should also remember the rights of people with disabilities in South Africa. We make up 5.1% of the population and often face challenges in accessing healthcare, education, and employment. South Africa has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to promote equal rights for people with disabilities. Let’s work together to remove barriers and create a more inclusive society for all!????????????‍????♿????????


So, friends, let’s celebrate Human Rights Day by reflecting on our rights and standing up for everyone’s rights. Together, we can make a difference!????



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