Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut keys are combinations of one or more keys on a computer keyboard that allow users to perform a specific task or action quickly and easily, without having to navigate through menus or use a mouse. They can be used to launch programs, switch between applications, perform various tasks within applications, and carry out many other functions. Keyboard shortcuts can be a great time-saver and productivity tool, especially for frequent computer users who want to speed up their workflow, or blind people like myself.


Below is a list of keyboard shortcut keys for Windows 11 that you might find useful.


Keyboard shortcuts For Editing


  • Ctrl + A:Select all content.
  • F11:Enter full-screen mode.
  • Ctrl+C:Copy selected content.
  • Ctrl+V:Paste copied content.
  • Ctrl+B:Bold selected text.
  • Ctrl+I:Italicize selected text.
  • Ctrl+U:Underline selected text.
  • Ctrl+Shift + V:Paste as plain text.
  • Ctrl+Del:Delete the word to the right of the cursor.
  • Ctrl+X:Copy and delete the selected text.
  • Ctrl+Z:Undo changes made.
  • Ctrl+Y:Redo changes made.
  • Ctrl+S:Save your work.
  • Ctrl+P:Print the current display on the screen.
  • Ctrl+F:Find a specific word or text on the open page using the search tool.
  • Ctrl+R:Refresh screen.
  • Alt+F4:Close a program.
  • Esc:Stop or close a prompt or process.



Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Accessibility

  • Win + U:Launch Accessibility Center in Windows 11.
  • Ctrl + Alt + L: Enable lens mode in Magnifier.
  • Win + +/- or Ctrl + Alt + Mouse scroll:Zoom in and out using the Magnifier.
  • Ctrl + Alt + D: Activate docked mode in Magnifier.
  • Ctrl + Alt + F:Enter Magnifier full-screen mode.
  • Alt + Ctrl + Arrow keys: Pan in Magnifier.
  • Win + Esc:Close Magnifier.
  • Win + Ctrl + O:Launch the on-screen keyboard.
  • Win + Enter:Launch Narrator.
  • Alt + Shift + Prntsc: Enable/disable High Contrast.
  • Alt + Shift + Num Lock: Enable/disable Mouse Keys.


Lesser Known Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Win + Pause:Check your PC’s information.
  • Win + . :Opens the emoji picker.
  • Alt + Tab:Switch between running apps.
  • Ctrl + N:Open a new window in the current app.
  • Win + Spacebar:Change the input language and keyboard layout.
  • Alt + F8:Show your password on the login screen.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc:Open Task Manager.
  • Shift + Select with the mouse:Select multiple items.
  • Alt + F4:Close the active window.
  • Ctrl + Del:Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.


This concludes my list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11. I hope you found it helpful, and I apologize if I missed anything.

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