What is Orientation and Mobility training?

Orientation and mobility (O&M) training is a type of training that teaches individuals who are blind or have low vision how to navigate their environment independently. The goal of O&M training is to provide individuals with the skills and techniques needed to travel safely and confidently within their community.


O&M training may include the following skills:


  1. Wayfinding: Using landmarks, sounds, and other cues to determine one’s location and find a desired destination.
  2. Caning: Using a white cane to detect obstacles and navigate unfamiliar environments.
  3. Bus and subway travel: Understanding how to use public transportation and navigating unfamiliar routes.
  4. Street crossing: Learning how to cross streets safely and confidently.
  5. Spatial awareness: Understanding one’s surroundings, including the layout of buildings and the location of furniture.


O&M training is typically provided by rehabilitation professionals such as orientation and mobility specialists, who are trained to help individuals with vision loss achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

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