pumpkin Spice donuts are for white people…

Text to speech

“Where is the nearest Crispy Cream Donut shop?” I asked my friend, as we’re walking down the street.  “Why do you need to go there?” she asked.  “I want to try their pumpkin Spice donut,”  I answered.


What she said surprised me.  “That doesn’t even sound good, and that is such a white flavor.  Are you white?”  she asked.

I responded with a slow “No?” And that was the end of the discussion.

But I couldn’t help but feel sad.  I didn’t know pumpkin Spice was a white flavor… I didn’t know a fall flavor and fragrance had a race.  I associated pumpkin spice with fall, not with race.  Now, because I’m Latina, I can’t enjoy a certain flavor, because it’s a “wite” flavor? Hmmmmmm…

Look, I’m pro black lives matter. I would have shared all kinds of black lives matter posts all over my FB page, if not for the bad words. there was one post that said “Just because we say save the whales, doesn’t mean F the other fish. so why get triggered when we say Black Lives Matter?” there were other posts but I don’t recall them.

My point is, I’m just as mad that police are called just because black people are barbecuing, I am grieved that a little boy lost his life because he had a toy gun, and police didn’t even ask questions they just took a kid’s life…

But to say that I can’t enjoy a flavor / fragrance, because it’s associated with the color of someone’s skin? that’s a little shocking. there are racist whites yes. but there are racists in all nationalities.

My point is, that although I am pro black lives matter, I have love for everyone. I don’t want to treat someone like poop just because they are a certain race. I’ve always had love for all.

In school, I was friends with people of all races. It makes me so sad to think that this friend of mine, who I adore, talks so bad about others just because there are bad apples in that race. but again, there are bad apples in my race too and everyone else’s races…

we are all people, we all feel, we all love. we can all be good people with the free will we have all been given.

I refuse to be like those who talk ill of people, just because one race is being treated badly. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones because of police brutality. I feel for those who are getting treated like lesser beings just because of the color of their skin.

I hope this racial justice thing gets resolved, I hope blacks here can be treated with more respect and I hope we can all learn to love our fellow humans, no matter what race they are.

I will not stop enjoying pumpkin spice and I refuse to associate that flavor / fragrance with anything but fall.

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