Directions on how to fail.

You know, anyone can tell you how to succeed. There are thousands of  books on that subject. The blueprints and formulas are all there for anyone to follow. What is not found very often are the directions on how to fail. Success is never guaranteed, no matter how closely you follow the diagrams. Failure, however, is pretty much a certainty, and not just once, but probably several times in your life.

  • You will fail if you are inconsiderate of others. So many people think  the world was created just for them, and they disregard the feelings of  others. We must share the space on this planet with each other.
  • You will fail if you think anybody owes you anything because of your  education. The only ones who are owed anything are those whose  victories and defeats paved the way for all the opportunities available  to you. Among those might be your great-grandparents who now live in a  nursing home.
  • You will fail if you start your business life looking for a job that  suits you. You must suit the job.  Applying for any kind of work in a  T-shirt and jeans will further enhance your chance for failure.
  • You will fail if you climb a corporate ladder by stepping on people.  As the saying goes, “You will meet the same people on the way down”.
  • You will fail if you do not try to right a wrong whenever possible.
  •  You will fail if you see abuse and do not speak out against it.
  •  You will fail if you see corruption and do not fight against it.
  •  You will fail if you suffer bad politicians and do not bother to vote.
  • You will experience the biggest failure of all if you believe the  romantic notion that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  For in truth, anyone who has lived long enough to retire will tell you that love means just the opposite. It means being able  to say “I’m sorry.”

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