The Paradox of Freedom

What is ‘freedom’? A question profound,
Is it the sky above or the vast ground?
Is it in choices made or paths not taken?
Or in the silent moments when we awaken?

Does the eagle yearn for the ocean’s embrace?
Bound by the heavens, does it seek a new space?
Yet, for the fish, the river’s expanse is vast,
But the open air? A journey it cannot last.

The sky, a realm where birds freely soar,
Yet for the fish, it’s a world to ignore.
The sea’s embrace is a fish’s delight,
But for the bird, it’s a perilous plight.

We seek freedom, but what does it entail?
Is it in breaking chains or setting the sail?
Yet, true freedom lies in our very core,
Expressing our essence, forevermore.

The earth’s prayer mat, a symbol so clear,
Freedom from chains, from every fear.
To the One, who offers love without end,
A boundless ocean, on which we depend.

Yet, in irony, we choose our own cage,
Mistaking it for freedom, in this age.
True liberty lies in the Divine’s embrace,
Beyond this world, in a boundless space.

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