The “I Can’t Breathe” Scam: Crying Wolf When You’re the Damn Wolf

After my 1000+ arrest video marathon, one thing’s crystal clear: the “I can’t breathe” routine is the go-to move for lowlifes who lack an original thought in their heads.  It’s about as convincing as a three-dollar bill.   Suspect:  Goes full-on feral, spitting venom and throwing punches like it’s their last day on earth   … Read more

The Enduring Mystery of Asha Degree

In the heart of a small North Carolina town, the night of February 14th, 2000, was not a night of love, but a night of unending mystery. It was the night 9-year-old Asha Degree vanished, walking out into a storm that she usually feared the most. Asha wasn’t the type to wander off. She shared … Read more

Beyond the Headlines: Oppression and the Silence of Complicity

In my effort to stay informed about global happenings, the disheartening reality of injustice and violence remains stark. From local gangs to multinational corporations and nation-states, stories of oppression persist. Those inflicting harm often receive praise within their circles, while those they target struggle to be heard and to heal. Recent events exemplify this sad … Read more

The Delicate Dance: Friendship, Hygiene, and Personal Space

Let’s face it, personal hygiene is a cornerstone of social interaction. While I completely support the right of everyone to live how they see fit, there’s a tipping point where respecting personal boundaries becomes crucial. This isn’t about criticizing those less fortunate. Homelessness often presents significant challenges to maintaining hygiene. But what about our closer … Read more

Taking Back Control: How to Permanently Set Your Default Browser to Brave

In today’s digital world, choice is everything. We choose the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and, most importantly, the applications we use. But have you ever felt like your computer is making those choices for you? For many users, Microsoft aggressively pushes Edge as the default browser, even after explicit changes are … Read more